Rachel Davies, Homes Standard Manager, Carmarthenshire Council

Tenants specifically told us they wanted new windows and doors. The works have not only made homes warmer for our tenants, but there will be energy efficiencies and benefits for health too.
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Xcel Bowl Carmarthen

Ten pin bowling has arrived in Carmarthen and considering its close proximity it wasn’t a project to be passed up by Nolan.
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Nolan Trade Area Installer


Nolan Commercial's customer care philosophy is about creating customers for life; not simply taking care of problems if and when they occur but taking a proactive and committed approach to providing the very best levels of service, ensuring that customers actually enjoy doing business with us.

The very best levels of customer service

Our approach to customer care, service and support is straightforward. Essentially we treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Value of customer care

We encourage a 'service culture' where we try to ensure that people inside our organisation are treated at least as well, and ideally better, than we hope they will treat our customers.

We ensure that every member of our team throughout the organisation understands the value of customer care and long-term customer relationships.

Employees appreciate what really matters about customer service and realise how they can make a significant contribution to achieving worthwhile service goals.

For details of our customer care policy, contact our Commercial Sales Team on 0345 658 8410.