Simon Farmer, Coastal Housing Group

The work Nolan has undertaken at Orchard Court has dramatically improved the thermal efficiency and sound insulation of the building. Residents can now enjoy a warm and peaceful home.
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Glyncoch Community Centre

Contracted by Encon Construction for Glyncoch Community Regeneration Ltd, Nolan has helped transform a local community centre into a multi-purpose building that is now an active hub for the residents of Glyncoch.
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High Insulation System

Triton HI is a three chamber high insulation aluminium window and door system designed to offer you sound product performance combined with exceptional thermal performance.

Triton HI is designed to offer you maximum flexibility in design and functionality. The aluminium system incorporates patented Spidertechnology ABS strips, which allow you to achieve the high thermal insulation without expensive system changes.

Design features

  • Integrated system allowing you to suite window and door products
  • Available with varying aesthetics to create the exact design required
  • Customisable components allows you to reach your desired thermal performance specification
  • Uf value – always below 2 W/m2K depending on the selected frame-panel combination and glazing.

For more information on our aluminium Triton three chamber high insulation window and door system, contact our Commercial Sales Team on 0345 658 8410.



  • Integrated system
  • Design flexibility
  • Customisable