Wyn Walters, Construction Director, WRW Construction

Trinity St David was so impressed with the delivery of the Nolan package that they instructed further works to be carried out, which was all completed on time. The building looks completely different through a combination of WRW's work and that of the supply chain. It is a credit to us all.
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Spilman Street Carmarthen

One of Carmarthen's most prominent council offices is undergoing a complete external revamp thanks to Nolan Commercial and John Weaver Construction.
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Three Chamber System

Triton is a three chamber high performance aluminium window and door system. Both frame and sash profiles incorporate a third chamber allowing greater strength, functionality and thermal performance.

Triton is available in three different styles:

  • Soft-Line
  • Square
  • Linea

Each offering a slightly different aesthetic depending on the design and application required.

Available in a range of styles and designs allowing you to create the exact aesthetic you need. Triton is a versatile and flexible system that incorporates the following window and door products:


  • Single and double casement
  • Side hung and bottom hung (open in)
  • Tilt / Turn and Turn / Tilt
  • Tilt and slide
  • Vertical and horizontal pivots


  • Single doors (open in)
  • Single doors (open out)
  • Double doors (open in)
  • Double doors (open out)

Design features

  • Fully integrated system allowing you to suite window and door products
  • Available in three different styles to create the exact design required
  • Accessories that allow you to increase thermal performance
  • Windows and doors can be manufactured to suit any configuration, style and design
  • Available in any single or dual colour option, including metallic finishes
  • Full range of hardware and locking systems for enhanced security
  • Uf value – always below 2 W/m2K depending on the selected frame-panel combination and glazing.

For more information on our aluminium Triton three chamber window and door system, contact our Commercial Sales Team on 0345 658 8410.



  • Integrated system
  • Increased thermal performance
  • Dual colour option
  • Enhanced security