Simon Farmer, Coastal Housing Group

The work Nolan has undertaken at Orchard Court has dramatically improved the thermal efficiency and sound insulation of the building. Residents can now enjoy a warm and peaceful home.
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Tycroes Primary School Ammanford

A multi-million pound project is underway to extend and remodel Tycroes CP School in Ammanford.
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Three Chamber System

Triton is a three chamber high performance aluminium window and door system. Both frame and sash profiles incorporate a third chamber allowing greater strength, functionality and thermal performance.

Triton is available in three different styles:

  • Soft-Line
  • Square
  • Linea

Each offering a slightly different aesthetic depending on the design and application required.

Available in a range of styles and designs allowing you to create the exact aesthetic you need. Triton is a versatile and flexible system that incorporates the following window and door products:


  • Single and double casement
  • Side hung and bottom hung (open in)
  • Tilt / Turn and Turn / Tilt
  • Tilt and slide
  • Vertical and horizontal pivots


  • Single doors (open in)
  • Single doors (open out)
  • Double doors (open in)
  • Double doors (open out)

Design features

  • Fully integrated system allowing you to suite window and door products
  • Available in three different styles to create the exact design required
  • Accessories that allow you to increase thermal performance
  • Windows and doors can be manufactured to suit any configuration, style and design
  • Available in any single or dual colour option, including metallic finishes
  • Full range of hardware and locking systems for enhanced security
  • Uf value – always below 2 W/m2K depending on the selected frame-panel combination and glazing.

For more information on our aluminium Triton three chamber window and door system, contact our Commercial Sales Team on 0345 658 8410.



  • Integrated system
  • Increased thermal performance
  • Dual colour option
  • Enhanced security